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About the STL product

I’m excited about this new idea for releasing the trans brake.  I have felt there is room for improvement in this area and have been working towards a better release for the last 2 years.  The first release I built worked on the fact that variable pressure on the button would have a significant change on reaction time. I built a release system that you simply used the weight of your forearm on the button for consistency.  This was built with a hinge, 2 direct contacts and a bolt through the middle of a spring.  The weight of your forearm would connect the contacts and help with consistency.  I have had good success with this system for the last couple of years.


While practicing one day I applied pressure to the bolt underneath the trans brake switch and noticed that just the added pressure on the bolt caused faster reaction times. That is when I began to work on a release system that used pressure to release it and not reverse pressure. I have concluded that this new system is at least .010 to .015 faster.

Hand position

Because this is totally different than what you are used to, the key to making the STL trigger work is establishing a routine that fits your staging procedures to the point it becomes second nature to you. As you will see, it is very quick and consistent.

Thank You, Byron Boyd


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